Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Run Your Car on Water - The Simple Way to Convert Your Car and Save Money

As you may of heard on the news, gas prices will continue to rise. Experts predicted by the end of 2008, gas prices will be at 6 dollars a gallon and by the end of 2009, gas prices will be at 8 dollars a gallon. That statement brings the question" What can I Do to prevent myself from wasting my money on gas?" Well shocking, there is an answer. You can now convert your car to run on water! This technology is also known as "HHO Technology".

You must know that you cannot run your car on 100% water, but you can run your car on a mixture of water/hydrogen and gasoline. You cannot just put water in your gas tank and then your done. You must convert the water into hydrogen. Hydrogen can be mixed with gasoline to form the compound "HHO". That's where the technology gets its name. HHO fuel is far more efficient than gasoline, which leads to a huge increase is miles per gallon for your car or truck.

Converting your car to run on HHO is actually very simple. You don't even need mechanical skills to convert your car. All the parts needed for the conversion can be found at any hardware store for under 75 bucks. The greatest part is that the conversion will only take about 2 hours with No mechanic skills. If you know a little bit about cars the conversion will only take 1 hour.

The technology has been thoroughly tested and can lead to your car or truck doubling its gas mileage. Also the kit is 100% safe for any vehicle and can be removed in 5 minutes, but why would you want to take it off? Once you have built your own kit, all you need to do is put some water in the container and it automatically converts the water into hydrogen. This technology will save you thousands each year. You could go on a couple of vacations each summer with all the money you will save.

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