Sunday, 29 July 2012

Volvo 3cc Concept Car and Parts Train Volvo Parts: A Tandem that Speaks of Quality and Excellence

The European public will see Volvo's latest concept car, the 3CC, for the first time at the Geneva show, as Volvo rewrites the rules on how we will use our cars in the future.

Volvo 3CC demonstrates Volvo's vision of sustainable mobility for the future, as well as Volvo safety innovations for smaller cars.

"With the Volvo 3CC, Volvo Cars is pioneering a new way of looking at mobility so that future generations can enjoy the same freedom the car has given my generation. We believe it is necessary to show new ways to reduce pollution and congestion," says Lars Erik Lundin, Vice President & General Manager of the Volvo Monitoring and Concept Center (VMCC). "We want to connect in a positive way with consumers so that they say 'I want to be seen in this car' ", Lars Erik Lundin explains."We want to add emotional value to people's lives by offering an environmentally compatible car that appeals to all the senses, and which people want to drive."

The 3CC is a small, sleek and environmentally efficient car with a powerful, zero emission electric power train, great aerodynamics and a lightweight, high-strength steel space frame. Its electric power comes from 3,000 lithium batteries identical to those used in modern laptop computers, packaged in a thin sandwich floor that could adapt to house the most appropriate power train in the future, whether it is petrol, biogas or a hybrid electric.

The double floor used to house the electric energy storage makes the concept future-proof in that the layout can be adapted for the most appropriate power train in the future, whether it be petrol, diesel, biogas, or hybrid electric," explains Ichiro Sugioka, Science Officer at VMCC in California

Created by the people behind the Volvo Monitoring and Concept Center in California, the Volvo 3CC is a `future-proof concept' that would enhance sustainable mobility. Good aerodynamics on a compact footprint, lightweight body materials, and an electric power train where there is abundance of renewable energy sums up the Volvo 3 CC.

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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Household Tips - A Cornucopia of Car Tips, Part 1

A car that is clean, that smells good, and that drives well is not only safer and more enjoyable for you and your family; it will also retain more of its value. You will be able to get more car for your dollars when you next upgrade your vehicle, so it is important to keep your investment in good shape!

Here are a few, low-cost tips to help keep your car in the best shape possible.

A winning routine - Check the windshield washer level, the engine oil level and the tire pressure on a regular basis and before going out-of-town or on a long journey. Replace the blades of your windshield wipers every year before the start of winter.

One-step wash - No matter how dirty your car is, simply wash it with a solution made from one cup of kerosene dissolved in one bucket of plain water. Wipe it thoroughly with a soft cloth and voilĂ ! There is no need to rinse or wax. The treatment helps prevent rust and rainwater will actually bead off the car.

Kitchen aids - Sprinkle baking soda onto a damp sponge to remove dirt and grime from windows, headlights, chrome accessories and trims; rinse and dry. To remove dead insects from your windshield, rub it with a ball made from plastic net bags (the kind onions come in).

A cocktail of sticker removers - You have the choice of using nail polish remover, lighter fluid, lemon extract, salad oil or hot vinegar. Saturate, let set a while (if needed) and then gently scrape with a razor blade or a knife.

Speedy camouflage - Hide scratches and small nicks by delicately working a matching colour crayon into them. Remove tar spots by soaking them with raw linseed oil until soft; wipe with a soft cloth dampened with the oil.

Remember that as cars and trucks go, prevention is the key. An issue that could've cost $2 to fix may end up costing you $500 because you waited. So take the time to deal with little problems before they become big ones!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Can You Buy Salvage Cars And Still Come Out Ahead?

Buying a salvage vehicle can be a great investment, but by nature, it's going to be a very risky investment for the vehicle buyer. A salvage car is just that; it's a car that has been deemed as being totaled by the insurance companies. When a car is totaled, that means that the total value of the car after it has been damaged is for less than what it would cost to fix the car, or in a lot of cases, the car is worthless. Most worthless cars are simply sent to junk yards to be destroyed, or picked apart for salvage parts to sell. But when a car has been determined to have some worth, it will be sold by various means.

The most common means of selling a salvage car is at auto auctions. In general, auto auctions are venues where salvage cars, along with repossessed cars, are sold to the highest bidder. Most auto auctions are strictly for auto dealers, but some are open to the public. If you are an auto dealer, these venues are a great opportunity for you to buy salvage cars for dirt cheap prices, fix them up, and then sell them to receive great profits.

If you are a member of the public looking for a good deal on a car, then auto auctions can work out for you. You will certainly be able to get the car that you'd like at a low price. But there are drawbacks for the private buyer. The main thing is that repairs will have to be paid for. There is no way that a person can buy a salvage car, and not expect to pay for the repairs. In many cases, the repairs will be extensive. If a person has money sitting around to invest in the repairs, then the price will work out for them. If the private buyer is on a strict budget, then buying a salvage car might not be in their best interest. The repairs will be too high. Even if the car is able to drive off the lot, and even if the car is able to function at first, the owner might find that the car will seem to break down bit by bit. They will constantly have to have the car in the repair shop. By the time that they are finished paying for each small repair, they would have done much better to invest in a new car, or at least a used car that isn't so old.

If a person is looking to start a business in reselling cars, then buying salvage cars can work in their favor. They will certainly need to have money set aside to repair the cars so that they can be sold at a profit. They will need to have contacts with great mechanics, or they must be very skilled to repair vehicles themselves. They also need to be able to dedicate a lot of time in repairing the cars. Many people buy salvage cars, repair and remodel them, and then resell the cars via auctions for collectors. Lots of profits can be earned in this way.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Car and Truck Rentals' Competition and Collaboration

With around 9 car and truck rental companies on the Sunshine Coast, an equal portion of which are big and small players, competition is rife. Although it is not as fierce as most would think considering the small market these 9 players are dealing with. Mutual respect for each others business and collaboration in dealing with customer needs when another cannot, is common place in the realms of car and truck rental.

So what sets one car and truck rental company apart from the rest for a customer trying to choose one that is best for them? The key to satisfying consumer needs is customer service. Staff and management that go out of their way to provide good service are indicative of a business that will do the right thing by their patrons.

With the smaller car and truck rental businesses one of the benefits is that their service is actually people to people. Many of the large companies are electronic based and customers mainly deal with computer software and there is next to no human interaction. This can become problematic especially when the customer has a special request, a complaint, is not computer and internet savvy or just prefers to speak to a real person.

The car rental market on the Sunshine Coast, especially amongst the smaller companies, is upheld by Sydney, Melbourne and New Zealand holiday makers; it is a tourism market. Truck rentals are for the most part, are sought for mainly house removals and commercial leasing so it is a real money saving experience when the alternative is hiring a removals company or buying a truck! For people on a budget, it pays to shop around the hire companies and to ensure the price quoted includes all the extras like fuel, insurance and damages excess. Often customers are reeled into hiring from more expensive hire companies by misleading quotes.

To ensure the best possible hire experience for car and truck hirers, they need to assess their needs, budget and source the best company for those needs. Shopping around is essential as is asking if quotes include all of the cost associated with the hire. Coupling excellent service and a willingness to meet customer needs is an excellent and worthy quality for a company to maintain. Finally, reliable and well maintained vehicles are essential to ensure customer time and money is not wasted.

Local car and truck hire company, Come and Go Car and Truck Rentals owner/manager Bill says "The hardest part for smaller companies with excellent customer service is getting their profile out there and known." For the bigger multi-national companies with enormous advertising budgets, getting their name known is easy through advertising country wide and securing contracts with Airlines. However, for the smaller companies it is nearly impossible so much of their business is generated through word of mouth, referrals and return customers." While these are invaluable methods of advertising, they struggle to compare to tv, print media and radio advertising, airline partnerships and national catering and recognition.

With this in mind, people looking to hire trucks and cars should really shop around so they can get a realistic idea of what is available and the price comparisons between companies. Just because a company has a large profile doesn't mean it is any better than the smaller players. Sunshine Coast car and truck hire companies have many similarities but the one that will stand out from the crowd and grasp the customer will be one with exceptional customer service. Potential hirers are advised to be on the look out.

Monday, 16 July 2012

The Major Categories of Car Performance Parts

Car performance parts are specially designed to enhance the smooth running of your car. If you are a car owner, there is no way you will not need these parts at one time or the other. This is because they wear out from time to time and need to be replaced. They come in different varieties and can be grouped into three main categories.

The first category is the brake system and it performs critical function in the car. If your brake system is well upgraded, you will be able to manipulate your car better even if you driving at a high speed. Consequently, it is advisable to choose the right upgraded brake system in order not to jeopardize the performance of your car. If you don't get an appropriate system for your car, it can lead to rise in operating temperature which may lead to inability to slow down when speeding. A situation like this can lead to fatal accident but in order to avoid such, endeavor to get the right brake system for your car.

Another important part of the car is the suspension system. It enables your car to perform better if well upgraded and improve its overall performance. Upgrading your car's suspension system will also give you the opportunity to take advantage of the tire's patch of contact which have strong effect on the suspension geometry, dampening and rebound of your car. This will boost the limit and steering exactness of the car enabling you to apply the brakes harder, maneuver corners and gain more speed. A well-upgraded suspension system will also enable you to be in charge while driving especially in risky situations like driving on slopes, slippery roads and so on.

The engine is another major category of your car and it is the most important part of the car. There are lots of parts for your engine but it is advisable to buy original ones in order to enhance the performance of your car. It is desirable to tune your engine's exhaust on the basis of diameter, crossovers, backpressure and header so that it can function most favorably. If the engine is in good condition at all times with the all the parts working perfectly, you will be able to get the best from your car. Car performance parts are indispensable to car owners but before you part with your money, endeavor to carry out enough research in order to get genuine products.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

What Are HHO Cars, and How Will They Save Me Tons of Money on Gas?

There has been a really exciting development lately, and it's called HHO cars. They dramatically reduce the amount of fuel that your car uses by simultaneously using water and gas together. People who buy HHO cars have reported that their miles per gallon averages doubles.

With HHO gas, you are using a compound that is three times more active and powerful than gasoline. It is not hard at all to produce HHO gas. It is obtained through electrolysis where water is kept in a vessel at your car's engine. The whole process is powered by the car's battery. During electrolysis water is converted to HHO gas, which is hydrogen gas. It's a combination of two parts of hydrogen and one part of oxygen, which is split from the water. A quart size container and baking soda makes this possible.

HHO cars not only increase gas mileage, they also reduce pollution, because clean water vapors are being released into the atmosphere. HHO cars have more power because compression is increased, and the engine is also more durable, so you should be able to drive the car longer. And there is another economic benefit to driving HHO cars. Because you are driving a hybrid vehicle, the government will give you a tax break.

As I mentioned earlier, it is very easy to put an HHO kit on your car. The items needed are very easy to get. Some of them may even be in your garage right now. You will need a guide that shows you how to set it up.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Do You Need To Junk A Car And Don't Know How?

Are you trying to get rid of your junk car? If so, you are amongst millions of other people with the same problem. Most people simply have no clue what to do with their cars when they no longer need or want them, especially if the cars are in a terrible condition. A lot of junk car owners are under the impression that their junk cars no longer have any use or value whatsoever. This assumption is incorrect. While it is near impossible to find private buyers for junk cars it is possible to sell them to a junkyard. The yard specializes in junk, particularly for junk cars. They recognize the value of junk cars and are able to profit from this.

But, there is another way to sell a junk car. There are people who have turned junk cars into hobbies. They will purchase these cars for very little money and then invest more money in fixing them up. But, they do not do this with all cars; only those cars that is vintage models or collector's items. To find out whether one's car is a collectors-item one can use the internet. A simple search using the car's model, make and year will provide results. If the car is a collectors-item then there will be some results pertaining that. Unfortunately, not many people can afford to spend money buying old cars and then fixing them up. So it can be difficult to find buyers, even if the car is a collector's item. It may take time to find an interested buyer. However, it is better than doing nothing while the car's value continues to go down. Another good way in which one can get in touch with potential buyers if the car is a collectors-item is to search for different member clubs for people who are interested in this. It is a good idea to find out if it is possible to advertise the car with these clubs.

Even if the car is a collectors-item one should not expect to be able to get a lot of money for it, especially if it has not been working for a while. But, it is better to get something thin to get nothing at all. There are junk car owners who get their cars towed and even pay to have it towed, instead of getting something in return for it. This is a very big mistake. If the car is not a model that is collected by car enthusiasts then it may not be possible to find a private buyer for it. This is unfortunate because there is no better chance of getting a decent amount of money for it from a private buyer.

Unfortunately the last option available for owners of junk cars is to sell the car off to a junkyard. Every major city has numerous junkyards. In order to get in touch with these one can simply look through a phone book or look online. Fortunately, these junkyards are not as selective when it comes to the types of cars that they buy. In fact, they will purchase any kind of car, no matter its condition. This is because they reuse the cars that they buy in different ways. For example, they sell the different parts of the car after they have dismantled it. This means that they do not have to worry about reselling the entire thing in one piece. So people who have junk cars no longer have to worry about how they can get rid of it. There are ways in which one can get rid of a junk car and still make some money.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Hydrogen Powered Cars Are Part of the Future

Using hydrogen as a source of power for vehicles is an idea that has attention. The amount of money that the average person spends on fuel to commute and to operate their vehicles is very high. This is a huge expense for many businesses too such as those that have fleets of vehicles.

The economy would certainly get a boost with the use of hydrogen powered cars. This source of energy has to be created. It comes from fossil fuels such as methane. It can also be made from better resources though including wind and solar energy that are all natural.

There is plenty of funding out there for hydrogen powered cars. It is coming from government resources as well as private funds. The money is being used for research and for vehicle testing. Most of the major vehicle manufactures are on board too. They want to be able to offer vehicles to their consumers that would be able to function based on the use of hydrogen power.

One of the restraints right now is that hydrogen fuel cells are very expensive to create. They are also very fragile. Part of the challenge is to be able to create an affordable fuel cell for the vehicles. They also have to be able to withstand changes in temperature, bumps on the road, and even when a vehicle is involved in an accident.

The future of hydrogen powered vehicles is something that will be in place. The attraction of it is to help reduce the amount of fossil fuels that are wasted. The use of it also won't result in carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere. We still have to consider the transporting and creation of it though. Those are barriers that need to be looked at.

The overall process of creating hydrogen needs to be perfected as well before hydrogen powered cars will be accepted. It is important to note that many buses and other vehicles already rely on hydrogen power to propel them. Even NASA uses it to help with the fuel resources for the rockets that are launched into outer space.

Many of our political leaders continue to state that we need to take efforts to rely less on oil from foreign countries. The future of hydrogen powered cars may be one way to make that a reality. This could certainly reduce financial stressors for many businesses as well as individuals. However, it is going to take time to get it all in place, and it is going to be very exciting to see it develop.