Friday, 29 November 2013

Accessible Nitrogen Gas Dispenser For Cars and Light Trucks

With the increasing prices of petroleum based fuels - most notably gasoline, the motoring public is looking for ways to improve the fuel efficiency of their cars. Different aftermarket products are easily available to them and the use of which can dramatically increase their car's fuel efficiency. For those who are planning to buy cars, they may opt for alternative fuel powered vehicles or a hybrid electric vehicle like the Toyota Prius.

A car's wide array of components plays roles in the fuel efficiency of a vehicle just like the Volvo S40 parts that determine how an S40 performs. One of the parts in the wide array of vehicle components that can contribute to better fuel economy is the tires although the fact is commonly overlooked except by a knowledgeable few.

While the fact that the tires play a major role in the fuel efficiency of a car is always overlooked, the US Energy Department stated that by having under inflated tires, we lose as much as two million gallons of gasoline everyday. The most commonly used gas to inflate a car's tire is oxygen. The use of ordinary gas can lead to faster diffusion which will result to an under inflated tire. The answer to this predicament is the use of nitrogen. Since nitrogen diffuses slower than oxygen and is more abundant, the gas is a logical solution to the problem.

TireLast System, a company located in Lafayette, Colorado, capitalized on this and developed their UltraAir nitrogen. The UltraAir nitrogen gas is a compressed gas devoid of oxygen and moisture.

The use of UltraAir results to lesser diffusion and therefore reduces the incidences of under inflated tires. The use of UltraAir is so successful that the company received requests for a self-service nitrogen tire filling station. The company is, of course, glad to oblige. This is evident in their development of an UltraAir Nitrogen Vending Machine which is card operated for use by car and light truck owners.

The vending machine will be featuring a smart card that users can use to pay for the amount of nitrogen gas consumed as well as for the microprocessor which controls the tire filling capability of the machine. The vending machines will employ a VendiPay prepaid card which will be available in stores soon. The availability of such machines allows car owners to fill their tires and pay for them easily and relatively inexpensively. The machines will be manufactured in Colorado and will soon be available for the eagerly waiting motoring public.

Aside from the fact that nitrogen diffuses slower than oxygen, the UltraAir Nitrogen is also devoid of moisture. The presence of moist air inside a car's tire is a reason for some tire blowouts. The effect of moist air inside a tire is it weakens the tire's internal steel belts. Therefore, using UltraAir that is devoid of any moisture, motorists are less prone to having tire blowouts which can be a very inconvenient predicament. The use of UltraAir will not only lead to longer diffusion of the tires but also protect the internal steel belts of the tires.

The use of nitrogen on car tires as a pressurizing agent would definitely decrease the number of vehicles out in the road today with under inflated tires. It has been estimated that 30 to 50 percent of all vehicles currently being employed has at least on tire which is under inflated. With this in mind and the fact that a tire's condition affects the fuel efficiency of a car, the use of nitrogen in tires will surely be welcomed.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Classic Car Restoration Parts

There is a love of classic cars that just cannot be stripped away from some people. It is more than just the captivation they have with the look of the car, it is also about the way they were built and the era that they came from. But as with anything classic, restoring these cars can be time consuming and expensive as parts are not always easy to find. Classic car parts can be extremely difficult to find, you may find that special part you are looking for on the other side of the country or even from the other side of the globe.

When looking for classic car restoration parts, it is always best to try and look around to see what you can find in your area. Starting here first will save you a lot of time and money by not having to pay for shipping costs. Remember, more often than not, classic car parts are heavier in weight than the parts are today and since the postal service charges for the weight, shipping expenses can be pretty high. So if you are able to avoid the mess of getting classic car restoration parts through the mail, all the better.

Buying Your Part Over The Internet

A lot of people seem to find the classic car parts that they need through the Internet on auction sites. These auctions are just regular people who are selling some of their own stuff. While most often this is a safe adventure, you must proceed with caution as there are scam artists out there just waiting to take your money. Classic car restoration parts are not cheap so make sure that you check out the seller as much as possible before sending them your money or any of your personal information.

Of course, there is only so much that you can determine about someone over the Internet. Since this is the case, your best bet when buying any classic car parts is to use a safe payment method such as paypal or your credit card because you, as the buyer, are offered a certain amount of protection through these payment methods. While it is great to get the classic car restoration parts you have been wanting, it is not worth giving away every penny in your bank account because you were too excited or impatient to take cautionary steps. Just proceed with caution when buying such items and you will be fine.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Dodge Brother Car and Truck Accessories

Trucks are big wheeled carrier automotive vehicles with huge compartments or trays to transport goods and other bulky objects. There are many kinds of trucks and it has three classifications namely light, medium and heavy. It specializes in hauling and transports over-sized objects or load use in mining and construction.

Some of the most popular trucks include Dodge, Chevy, Ford and Toyota. You are guaranteed of their quality parts and accessories that stand out among the other brands. These accessories enhance the functions and visual value of your car or truck. Choose those parts that will be functional and not merely beautify the physical appearance of your vehicle.

Dodge truck automotive brands began its manufacturing car and truck accessories, interior and exterior parts and complete form of vehicle in 1914. They are award-winning for their durability and even top the highest rank in market sales. Dodge introduces features similar to car accessories to its first limited edition of wagon and van.

It then started making up new designs and accessories fitted for their trucks and other lightweight vans and cars. Dodge truck accessories understand the significance of purchasing parts and accessories for your vehicles to make it last long. It will be a practical utility.

Dodge Brothers Company was originally founded and managed by Dodge Brothers Horace and John Dodge in the year 1900 in Detroit. They have seen the fast paced needs for car and truck chassis and engine so they produce and compete in the cities' growing number of automobile production and sites.

In 1914, the brother decided to make a new creation, the four cylinders Dodge Model30. It was the first and pioneering model that lasted until 1927 and features high quality and steel panel framing, 12 volt electrical system, and sliding gear transmission that remains to be the best and most popular design.

Dodge brothers owned exceptional awards and well-deserved reputations with their creations. Their cars and trucks were even getting the second placer in United States in terms of sales, production process and long lasting durability of the vehicle.

Dodge cars continued its success until 1920 when Dodge brother died in the same year leaving their company into the hand of their widow's brothers. The Model30 evolved and soon became the new Series116, retaining its basic structure and engineering features. They also emerged and entered into agreement to produce light truck under Graham Brothers.

After a long time of stagnation in development and producing new cars and trucks, soon the Dodge fell down into fifth and seventh place in the industry. The company was then totally sold to a well-known investment group by the widows in not less than US$ 146 million, and changed the company's name into Dillon, Read and Co.
Dodge truck accessories are very convenient and fun to use and helps your truck to be more useful and durable. Some of their popular interior design accessories are dash kits, driving accessories, sheepskin seat covers, modified gear boxes and car care products.

Their exterior accessories include body kits, roof racks and roof bags, deflectors, bumpers, suspensions, truck bed accessories, exhaust, truck tool boxes and mufflers and tips, using this accessories will help your truck becomes more dynamic, brings renaissance and progress.

Although many kinds of truck accessories are now out in the market it is still best to plan and buy for the branded accessories to make sure that your truck will have the most functional and durable equipment and accessories. You can also ask for assistance to know which are best used for your type of vehicle.

Monday, 18 November 2013

How to Buy Repo Cars and Build a Sure Profit Business - Get Cool Cars With Huge Discounts

Ever wondered how can you get a huge, and I mean huge discount on the car that you always wanted? The answer is: "Buy repo cars!" People all over US, UK, and other countries buy repo cars and some of them even started businesses by doing it while they also drive cool cars that they always wanted.

How can you start a business from buying repossessed cars?

Well, the process is very simple:

1. You go to a website that has some kind of connection with the companies and departments that seize cars from people that haven't paid their loans, or people who are investigated for criminal activities.

2. You chose the car that you want, take part to the auction (online) and get the car. You can find any car from old Chevy's to brand new 2009 BMW's, Lamborghini's or Bentley's. Another great part is that most of these cars are all in great shape because the people who gets their cars repossessed don't expect the bank to come and take away their cars or they will usually will try to pay their loan and that's why they will keep maintaining the car.

3. You sell the car for more than you bought it.

This business idea could bring you a lot of profits because usually, the repo cars have discounts of up to 90%, depending of the brand, catalog price and a few other factors. Let's make a short example:

You get a repo 2003 Corvette for $13,900, normal price of $23,000. You post an ad on the internet or in the local newspaper where you say that you sell you great Corvette for $19,000. People will understand that this is a bargain and they will come to your door asking details and wanting to see the car. One of them will of course buy after he sees that the car is well maintained and the price is cheap.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Essential Tips For Sourcing Out High-Quality, Hard-To-Find Cars and Used Car Parts

Reputation is a valuable commodity to have in business. It determines the direction your company could take and drives your position in the industry you're in. When you're in the business of retail auto sales, you'll want to establish the best kind of reputation - the kind that lets your consumers know you provide top notch cars and tells your competition you mean business. A great part of ensuring this goal is seeking out and obtaining reliable sources for your needs. From the actual cars you'll be selling to the necessary used car parts you'll provide, here are essential tips to getting a good supplier.

Find a reputable, licensed export company that can provide a large choice of vehicles. Always make sure that your exporter can meet your business demands so that you're able to meet your customers' needs. Are your customers looking to get cars from Japan? Do they need a hard-to-find engine for a Daihatsu, Toyota, Subaru, Mazda, Mitsubishi or Nissan? When you meet with your prospective exporter, be sure to go over all the necessary items your auto business will need.

An excellent supplier must be fully licensed and independently verified Japan-based trading firm of new and used cars, reveals that most exporters may be able to provide only a small portion of the existing stocks in Japan. This could prove to be challenging if your business happens to offer mostly Japan-made cars, parts, and even half cut cars. The company's approach, in comparison to most trading firms, is that it gets product from a variety of sources. Instead of just wholesalers and retailers, the company's contacts span dealers, auction houses, recyclers, private sellers, the Yahoo! Auction and Rakuten (recognised as Japan's Amazon). An exporter of this calibre will be able to deliver your auto business's very specific needs, from new and used cars to thousands of car parts.

Once you've ensured that your car and parts supplier can guarantee high-quality cars and used parts, make sure that it uses an efficient process that ensures the cars and parts you've purchased arrive on time and in good condition. This will mean asking your supplier about their payment process, shipping choices, and storage facilities. You'll want to make sure that the payment process is quick and convenient. You'll want to get a guarantee that you can use either containerized or roll-on roll-off shipment when necessary. You'll also want to look at their storage facility, whether it's secure and appropriate for the product you've ordered, like Toyota forklifts from Japan. Incidentally, the company's services offer those and more.

Your auto business's success hinges on the reputation you establish in the industry. Don't let your company's good name be tarnished by choosing the wrong kind of supplier. Get high-quality, hard-to-find cars and auto spare parts from a reliable and reputable source and ensure your auto business's good reputation today.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Scrap Car and Get Lucky!

Most of the times when your car gets old, there is nothing much you can do but throw it away in the junkyard. And mind you, this does not give you any money in return and ultimately you have to give away your car for peanuts. Scrap car removes all these problems - it helps you in disposing off your car in a safe way and also gives you money in return. Now this is what I call intelligent work!

Scrap car involves removing the parts of the car, one part at a time and reselling them in the open market to consumers. It involves a series of steps which ensure that this process is completed safely and without posing any hazard to anyone. There are many materials in the car which can be harmful to humans and if the correct procedure is not followed, it might have long term implications on people.

The most important step is to make sure that the car is dry, for which it is essential to drain all fluids present in the car, for example the drain fluid, the cooling fluid and oil (fuel). Batteries should also be removed first because unused batteries leak harmful chemicals which pose health problems even if they come in contact with humans in small quantities.

Next, one should remove the light parts of the car such as the window shields, tail lights, front lights and other such peripheral material which can easily be taken out of the car. After this you should remove the car seats and then move to other heavier, more important parts such as the engine and radiator.

Removing the seats might be a little tricky and involve a lot of hard work. Take extra hands if needed else you might end up just ruining the seats and losing up on a substantial amount of money.

However, if you don't have enough time on your hands and find the whole business of scrapping a car rather time taking and cumbersome, you can also give your car away to a scrap yard to do the job for you. Scrap yards take care of all the aspects of scrapping a car, including issuing a destruction certificate which shows that your car has been disposed off in an environmentally friendly way. Make sure you get this certificate as otherwise you might be held for not disposing off your car properly, since the law now needs you take care of the environment, this might be a big problem.

Make sure you go to a scrap dealer which gives you the right returns for your car and does not take you for a ride. Many scrap dealers will tell you some slight flaw in your car and reduce the amount of money they owe you. Getting a little bit of hands-on knowledge on your car helps in getting a good deal on the car parts as you'd know where the dealer is not giving you full information. Drain the oils before you take the car to the yard, the less work they do for you, the more money you will get out of your car. Take the help of the Internet to find the best dealer as it is a more transparent medium to find exactly what you want.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Upgrading Your Car and Lowering Your Car Insurance

MTV "Pimp My Ride" was one of the hit shows of MTV in 2007, it features old cars that are almost ready to be thrown in the junkyard but through customization and modification, the car would end up as one sweet ride. One of the episodes where a van, in the worst state ever, with rusty tail pipes, faded paint job, cracked windows and a side mirror that just hangs because of duct tape, with cockroaches swarming inside it, was customized and brought back to its crisp condition. Right after it was customized the van was rigged with a portable LCD monitor complete with a DVD player, a surround sound system and a built in Jacuzzi inside. Clearly, "pimping" the car caused a lot of cash. Upgrading a car is really expensive from custom paint job to additional parts. It could really put a hole in the car owner's pocket.

Car owners upgrade and customize their cars for aesthetic reason. Los Angeles, California is home to many upgraded and customized cars. Upgrading a car is like an investment but it is an expensive one, which is why many car aficionados are always looking for affordable California car insurance quotes online. When you are investing on something, you want that specific object to be safe and protected, in the case of upgraded cars, having car insurance will give security and protection to your prized car from damages from various causes.

If you add special parts to your insured car, your premium will go up, if you have money to spend on these parts go ahead but keep in mind also that expensive car parts attract thieves. Whenever you install special parts to your car, always keep the receipts and transaction papers, so in the unfortunate event that your car got stolen, these papers will help you in the claiming process.

To lower the risk of your car being stolen, security upgrade is what you need. Alarm systems and GPS tracking devices could protect your car from car thieves, most agencies consider these devices as deductibles since it protects your car, which means if you have these devices you get to pay lower rates.

Car accidents can happen to everyone and auto insurance will help you financially after the car accident, but what about your safety in the actual car accident? Many drivers have lost their lives in unfortunate road accidents, so what should you to protect yourself? Car protection and safety upgrade. Get some passive restraint system. These are devices that work on it's own to protect motorist and other passengers from bodily injury during a car accident. Air bag or seatbelts are examples of a passive restraint system. These types of safety devices are a must for every car owner, not only in enhancing the safety of the car's passengers but also in getting discount offers from insurers.

It is not bad to custom your car and ride in style however because of tough times, one needs to consider practicality in upgrading their cars. California car insurance quotes online are abundant and are offered almost readily by insurers so it is easier for a motorist to find a good deal while surfing the internet. Keep in mind that the best upgrade you can give your car that improves protection and safety to its passengers is auto insurance.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Environmentally Friendly & Green Driving - Save Money & Car Fuel Part 2

The latest economic rescue package is not helping much for the general public, at least for a good half a year before we see effects of an slight economic turnaround. Fuel prices are still escalating, food prices has not fallen, you still need to travel to work, to school and earn a living. This is part 2 of that endless car fuel saving tips which I have started to help us tie over the money crunch.

Below is an added list of ways on achieving fuel efficiency, conserving gasoline and attaining cost savings the easy way:

Set Cruise Control at a Fixed Level of Consistent Fuel Usage when driving a stretch of long freeway (or highway). This helps to reduce the intermittent and inconsistent fuel injection by human manual driving which could cause greater wear and tear to your car.

Combine Several Short Trips Helps Save Fuel And Save Money. Once your engine is warmed up they generate less air pollution, so keep it running over a few so combining several short trips into one can make a big difference.

Park it in your Covered garage.Yes, you can save fuel and energy simply by parking your car in a covered garage whenever possible, especially in winter and summer. You would then avoid exposing your car to harsh winter snow and ice as well as the torturing summer sun. This helps you warm up the car faster in winter and cool it better in summer.

Remove Excess Baggage. Get rid of items not required on a daily basis. The most common are golf sets, snow chains, fishing gear etc. Reload on a need to use basis.

Catch that Greyhound Bus. I am not selling for The Greyhound here, but if you have to travel across states or provinces, consider taking the coach. The scenery could do you some good, not to mention the stress of driving across unfamiliar towns and provinces.

Avoid Keeping Your Engine in Idle Mode for long periods. If you are stuck in traffic and you don't think you are going to go anywhere in the next five minutes, you may want to turn your car off.

New cars do not need to be warmed up for long period of time. So as much as your pocket can help it, change to a new car. And a New Hybrid Car at that too.

Keep good car habits. Before you switch off your car ignition, remember to switch off all electrical units like the car hifi sound system, air conditioning, heating gadgets, compartment lights as well as head lights. This avoids drain on your car battery, reduces maintenance costs.

Communal car pooling is definitely a viable solution to if you could find like minded colleagues who are neighbors living within your vicinity willing to pool resources.

Avoid Rush Hour. And yes, that is the very famous but always ignored suggestion. As much as procrastination gets you, try harder. In countries where they install electronic road pricing measurement ERP gadgets, you could find yourself doubling your fuel consumption, doubling your fuel costs and your travel time. Worst of all, the electronic road pricing slaps an additional toll charge whenever you pass a particular gantry at rush hour!

There are more tips to come at the next episode of Endless Money & Fuel Saving Car Tips. So stay tuned. And also visit my site for more information on car tips and hybrid cars.

Friday, 1 November 2013

What Makes A Car Safe? Part 2

In my last article, I explained the difference between a car's 'passive safety' (the ability to protect you in the event of an accident) and its 'active safety' (the ability to help you avoid having an accident in the first place).

Both are equally important although active safety tends to be less understood and thus often overlooked. The profile of passive safety in modern cars has been raised by programs such as EuroNCAP, but obviously not having an accident at all is preferable even to a very small accident.

Modern cars have a whole range of advanced electronic systems which help a driver to maintain control of the car in an emergency situation and reduce the chance of having a crash. Even the most basic new car will come with anti-lock brakes (ABS) and usually some form of Electronic Stabilisation Program (ESP, or sometimes referred to as VDC, PASM or other acronyms depending on the manufacturer).

ABS prevents the brakes locking when you jump on the pedal, so that you can still steer rather than sliding straight ahead. ESP is a very clever system which recognises where you are trying to steer and whether or not the car is actually going that way. If the car's direction doesn't match where you are trying to steer it, ESP can brake individual wheels on the car and even cut throttle if necessary to help the car go where you are pointing it. It is very helpful in slippery conditions where the car wants to slide straight on instead of turning (understeer) or spin around backwards (oversteer). If it is all working well, you don't even notice anything is happening.

Many modern cars have a whole host of electronic systems in addition to the two examples above which can help make the car 'safer' to drive. These systems can make the car more predictable in its behavior, slow it down slightly to allow tyres to maintain grip, even apply different levels of braking to each wheel to keep the car balanced. All of these things make it easier for the driver to maintain control of the car, and therefore less likely to have an accident.

Some very advanced technology is available in luxury cars which takes this even further. Blind spot monitors use cameras to keep an eye on your blind spot and warn you if you are about to move over in front of another car, or helps to stop the car drift out of its lane. Some cars can 'recognise' speed limit signs and flash you a reminder. Night vision technology is available to identify pedestrians outside of your headlights' range. There are advanced cruise control systems which not only maintain your speed, but can speed up or slow down to follow the car in front and even brake the car from 150mph to a complete stop if necessary.

Last year I drove an Audi A8 in Germany, on autobahns and around towns as part of an Audi training program. Over a 20-ish mile drive route in a convoy of cars, I went from 60mph to 150mph (unrestricted autobahn, not through city streets) to a complete stop to 140mph and back to a complete stop, overtaking other cars, following other cars, got stuck behind a truck for a while, trundled through a village and eventually pulled into a car park and stopped. At no point for more than 20 miles did I touch either the brake or the accelerator. Yet the car had behaved itself perfectly, faithfully following the car in front without ever getting too close. For the first half of the journey, my foot was hovering right over the brake pedal just in case, but the car's systems were clever enough to 'read' the traffic conditions and respond accordingly. Once I got over the surreal feeling of a car accelerating to over 150mph (250km/h in the metric world) and stopping from that speed with no pedal input from me, it was actually a very comfortable drive and made the trip more relaxing. The system used two radar units, a camera, the parking sensors, the satnav system and a powerful computer system to gather and process a huge amount of information and make split-second decisions all along the way.

But active safety isn't just about electronics. Any aspect of a car's design or engineering which helps a driver avoid an accident is an active safety feature. The thickness and placement of windscreen pillars, for example, has an important effect on a driver's ability to see oncoming traffics at roundabouts. A lighter car will respond more nimbly to changes of direction (say, swerving to avoid a dog on the road) than a heavy car. Modern tyres are much better at dispersing water in heavy rain, making it less likely that you will slide off the road. More sophisticated suspension systems help cars stay better balanced on the road, even at high speeds or when towing heavy loads.

Ultimately, an 'actively safe' car will be one which is easy to drive, predictable in its behavior and gives the driver confidence when action needs to be taken. Predictable behavior is safe, so that a driver knows exactly how a car is going to respond and will instinctively steer and/or brake when a problem presents itself. A car that behaves unpredictably leads to a driver acting hesitantly and not taking enough action to avoid an accident.

When test driving a car that you are looking to buy, it is important to consider how comfortable you find the car, and how easy it is to see ahead, behind and to the sides. Every person is different, to the position of seat, pillars and mirrors will affect everyone differently, and that will affect how you are able to respond to an emergency situation. Make sure you give the brakes a good shove (make sure there's nothing behind you and that the other people in the car know what you're about to do!) so you can get a feeling for how the pedal feels. Check your blind spots, check your mirrors, check how well you can see traffic - especially bikes - at roundabouts and so on. If you are looking at a used car, check the tyres to see how new they are and whether they are a reputable brand or a brand you've never heard of.

In the third and final part of this feature on car safety, I will be talking about what you can do to make your current car safer.