Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Pre - Owned Car and Used Car - The Difference

When the marketing people coined the term Pre-owned car, many people just took it as another marketing gimmick. However, the services offered by elite manufacturers like BMW have changed this notion. There is now a difference between just a used car and pre-owned car. A dealer selling great car like BMW now has to maintain certain standards issued by the company regarding various performance parameters. So now a pre owned car like BMW comes with advantages for the buyers when bought from certified car dealers. In a place like New York, long island, people don't have to compromise for the quality. Along with an array of benefits like consistent service, quality assurance and better security, the certified pre-owned car dealers offer you various choices in payment options and easy finance.

Living the dream: At long island New York:

BMW has a long and outstanding history for creating fantastic driving machines with a wide range of features. Every BMW car is a dedicated story of great hard work and effort, which goes into the making for a great driving machine that it is. It's not just the good looking design but also the fine tweaking and tuning of the inner machinery of the engine, the suspension, and performance parameters of various high quality parts and comfortable interior design that make this car stand out in uniqueness of its class. The passion for innovation in terms of style, comfort, driving experience and after sales service has obviously put BMW and its owners in a different league.

That is why BMW has set a standard in the sales of its pre owned cars, which have made the dream of owning a great BMW easier for a lot more people. It's because of this that the fan club of BMW has grown by around 35% in long island New York itself.

The Best Option

The certified pre-owned car series carries with it self a lot of benefits which an original one would carry, like a pre owned car would come with certain extended warranty if the current warranty has expired. This is available at all Certified BMW dealers. Along with this the other things in offering are services like safety cover, and road side assistance package for quite a low cost. That's why one can say that "when we have the option of a car like this why settle for less!" This has been another contributory factor for the increase in the number of sales of pre owned cars, not just in long island but the whole of America. Thus going in for a pre owned car from a certified dealer you can get the most along with the best.

Go for it

Hence just find the certified BMW and go for it. Choosing from a range of easy finance and payment options and great car models, become the owner of a great BMW and be a part of the BMW fan club. Those who have owned it once would hardly go for anything else.

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