Sunday, 20 October 2013

eBay and Car Stereo Parts

Surprisingly, one of the very best places to start looking for your brand new car stereo system is on eBay. You can find some amazing deals on both new and used stereo parts. In addition, you can find a significant amount of manufacturers that may not be available in your area especially if you live in a more rural area. eBay also allows you to by one part of a car stereo system at a time so you do not break the bank by purchasing a $3000 car stereo system all at once.

Why choose eBay over your local car parts dealer? Even after shipping, you can almost always find a better deal from a wholesaler on eBay then you can at a local parts dealer. The markup on speakers when you go to a retail store is outrageous. In general the only time that you can find better prices is during a liquidation or going out of business sale. At a minimum, go lookup fair market value prices on eBay before you go to your local retailer.

Are there any problems with eBay? Unfortunately, there are. Even though most eBay sellers have good intentions, you do not have the opportunity to physically examine the product before it shows up on your doorstep. This can cause a massive amount of time wasted trying to get your money back and shipping the item back to the seller. In addition if you have questions, you will not be able to ask the stores associate in person. This can be a problem if you do not know about the product you are buying. But keep in mind that you can e-mail the seller on eBay to get all your questions answered before you buy your new car stereo parts. One final problem with eBay is that you do not get to listen to the sound system before you buy. This means that you may not like that 12" sub-woofer that you are buying. Maybe it is just too loud and intense for your tiny little car. However, you can always go to your local retailer and pick out the speaker system that you want in the store and then go back to eBay to find the best deal.

If you are looking for a good deal, then try shopping online. You should also try other online retailers like Amazon to find out if there are retailers out there offering even better prices. However, with eBay you can see how many items the retailer sold and what the buyers actually thought about the seller. If you go to some random website, there is a small chance that they could be trying to scam you which makes eBay much safer in many cases.

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