Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Cars Performance Parts Information - Raw Performance Information

Hi I just briefly want to share some information on cars performance parts .Rare and common parts. If anyone is interested in using the same site I use to get them click the link below and one of the ads to be directed to it.

Cars performance parts can be hard to find a good deal online on especially because some can be illegal in some places and aren't as BIG mainstream as other things available for sale. cars performance parts such as neon gas, strobe lights, nitrous oxide etc are hard to find on the internet as well as a good deal on them and I don't buy anything until I do find a good buy. Those are the ones that people are after to pimp up their cars with.

Anyway getting back to what performance parts are Neon/led, strobe lights, nos and air intakes, there are others such as exhaust systems and brakes.

Neon/led and strobe lights change the cars appearance. Neon is an inert non-reactive gas with no color. however, when you put it in a tube and send electricity through it, it glows a bright color.

Nitrous oxide (N2O), is a non-flammable, non-explosive gas that acts as an oxidizing agent with gasoline or methanol to improve the rate and efficiency of combustion. This gives a massive boost to engine horse power. Before using it in a car its important to check to see if the engine and transmission will handle it and that the engine hasn't been greatly modified. It is more effective on stock engines.

A cold air intake is a system used to bring down the temperature of the air going into the car to increase the power of the engine. It makes the combustion a bit bigger. They also make the engine run longer because it keeps it cooler. Cold air intakes also give more miles to the gallon because the engine isn't doing as much work

if anyone is interested in using the same site I use to get parts click the link below and then one of the ads to be directed to the site if you are interested.

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