Monday, 17 June 2013

RC Car Questions and Parts

When either building your own nitro car or buying prebuilt models, there are some accessories which are very important and main questions people ask when going into model shops. The specifications on cars can be very confusing to people new to the hobby so below are some of the most common questions asked.

What is a rc car kits modified motor

There are two types of modified motors, sport and hand wound. Sport modified motors are wound via the factory and the usually cost around £35.00. Whereas a hand wound motor have the arm wound by hand and the user assembles the device to give a better and higher performance output with the RRP around £60.00 These modified motors are ball raced and are able to be taken apart from servicing and cleaning. You are able to skim the commutator several times throughout the motors lifetime to give a constant performance. There are several types of winds and turns which can have a range of 7 to 30 being the number of times the wire is wrapped around the arm. Winds are what is reference to as the pieces of wire on the arm and can have a range of 1, 2 to 5. In general, the smaller the turns gives a higher speed and power but will suck up the battery power. A single wind will determine more of a punch while four will be smooth. Each motor should be suited to a particular car, type of control and track.

What batteries do RC Car take

A Battery for RC Car kits are usually called a Ni-Car and are the most important part as they are responsible for the power to your rc car motor. Even with a very powerful motor, it still needs a battery to give top performance. The prices can be anything from £10 for a cheap battery to £60,99 which is the most expensive allowed for racing. The cheaper, lower end batteries are for home use with the most expensive batteries for competition racing. The Ni-cad batteries are the same type you get in DIY power tools so are used to taking a battering. As with everything, you get what you pay for so a more expensive battery will last longer and give better performance.

What are the different Speed Controllers

With each rc model you get a controller, but depending on what the RC model is depends on the amount of channels such as 2, 4 etc. A RC plane could have a 2 channel controller or 4 which means the more channels, the more of the same model you can have in the area if you are with friends. The entry level controllers come with a mechanical control whereas more expensive controllers have electronic speed controllers. Overall are much more efficient and give you better control over your rc model with prices around £20-£190 and again, you get what you pay for. Many Petrol RC Cars come with easy to control speed controllers.

There are so many more things to learn, with much data on our website or all over the net. Either way remote control cars are a hobby which is here to stay so gaining experience will lead to a long and happy hobby.

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