Saturday, 1 June 2013

Hybrid Cars and Its Benefits

Hybrid cars are gaining popularity because of the continuous increase of oil prices and other issues brought by conventional cars. This type of car uses a combination of fuel and other power sources. It uses dual engine for power generation.

The common type of these cars is the gasoline electric hybrid. It is a mergence of two power sources; gas and electricity. It aims to increase the mileage of a gas powered car and enhance the performance of the electric powered car. The first type of car meets the requirements expected of a car. It can be driven to about 300 miles but produces toxic emissions. The latter type of car on the other hand can only be driven to about 50 to 100 miles but it is environment friendly. A hybrid of the two power sources compromises the best of each. It overcomes the shortcomings of electric powered car and improves gas powered car in terms of mileage and quality of emissions.

The use of this type of car has a lot of advantages. The technology used in this car allows a car to cut emission while escalating efficiency. It also reduces oil dependency in order to run a car. With oil price soaring, it is a relief to be freed from too much dependency on oil.

It saves gas, therefore increasing its mileage. You can even increase it by following some simple tips. You can do this by driving slower. Driving slower will definitely increase your mileage since the drag force used is also lower. You can also increase mileage by driving on a constant speed and by refraining from making immediate stops. Most of the energy used in shifting speed goes to waste. Keeping your speed at a steady level will help you use fuel efficiently. The same thing happens when you make a sudden stop. Energy is wasted when you do this, so don't rush every time you make a stop.

The use of a hybrid car does not only address the issue of oil prices. It also addresses issues concerning the environment. Carbon dioxide is a part of a car's emission. It is one of the constant air pollutants. It would be wonderful if the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by cars is reduced to a significant level. Hybrids have lower toxic emissions as compared to conventional cars. The combination of electric motor with the gasoline engine reduces the toxicity level in its emissions.

There are also tax incentives for the use of hybrid cars. If you bought a hybrid car after December 31, 2005, you might be able to avail of a federal income tax credit. This surely is good news for your finances. You are not only saving from gas and helping the environment but you are also doing yourself a favor. Here are some of the requirements that one should meet in order to take advantage of the income tax credit. You have to be the car's first user. That means you should have purchased a brand new unit. It should also be purchased or leased for use and not for resale. The car should be mostly used inside the U.S. and it should be place in service before December 31, 2010.

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