Monday, 12 May 2014

Smart Used Car Shopping - Part 2

We have already discussed in the first section of this article series how to determine and pre-plan the financials pertaining to buying a used car. This article is to be dedicated to brainstorming.

Shopping for a used car is not something the average person intends to do very often or at least not as much as he or she goes out grocery shopping. If you go out shopping while hungry you may buy things that you don't need, on the other hand if you go out shopping without a list, the odds are that you are going to get home and figure that you forgot to buy something. I can relate that to shopping for used cars, you have to do your homework, preparation and brainstorming to achieve he best results.

You need to engage in smart used car shopping.

After you figure out the financials pertaining to the car purchase, you need to brainstorm the make and model of the car. In other words, you need to broaden your choices as much as possible, and then narrow down the list until you come up with the best possible outcome for your money. You need to consider all potential cars in the class you are targeting. Make sure that you consider cars that you be ignoring. Don't fall in love with a make, or model, rather love your bank account. For example if you have in mind a Toyota Camry, have you considered a Chevrolet Malibu that is also within your budget.

Make sure that you compare all possible cars; obviously those cars should be related. Compare the cars side by side, concentrate on what you consider to be a priority to you, as gas mileage, annual deprecation, and the time period you intend to keep this car before you sell it.

For more information, check out the Smart Used Car Shopping.

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