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Do You Want an Adrenaline Rush for a Few Bucks? Try RC Cars and Trucks

Do You Want an Adrenaline Rush for a Few Bucks? Try RC Cars and Trucks

In all of remote control hobbies, a common opinion I've heard is that RC cars and trucks are easier to master for a beginner than flying machines. Planes, boats and helicopters can be great fun but having wheels on the ground means you can walk to wherever your vehicle is if you crash or it gets stuck or turned over. As a beginner, getting stuck may end up a common occurrence.

Newcomer or Master of the RC - It's fun either way.
One great thing about remote control vehicles is that newcomers have tons of fun just like long-time hobbyists. Remote control cars are among the best sources of a cheap, drug-free and safe adrenalin rush not limited by age or gender. It's one ride you that anybody can enjoy, without dangers or fear on being personally involved in a crash. According to the consumer report, 76.8% of males are Remote Control Car/Radio Control Car enthusiasts, especially when they were at the age of 5 to 34. Clearly there is no age limit and no gender barrier. And once you learn to control one it is much easier to learn to control others.

You can be in Control without Being in Danger.
Controlling an RC car can in fact be a lot more exciting than having a safe Sunday drive inside a full sized vehicle. Riding through a remote control can give you a feeling of security, while keeping your freedom to overdrive and over speed! Operating an RC car is quite basic; one only needs to know the fundamentals of RC driving. Using a joystick, a wheel or a trigger should be really easy once you get the hang of it. Sometimes it's tricky to turn the right way when the car is racing different directions.

There are numerous types of RC cars that you can choose from. The simple RC cars that can be simply described as living room toy should be the easiest to use, and you could say that it is the best for starters. Then there is also the RC race car that has superb features of complexity, speed and maneuverability. Finally there are some great pro models, that may have lots of features the beginner has no use for - yet.

Choosing your RC Weapon.
Overall, the most important thing to chose a rc car is: choose the one that suits your needs, budget, and the conditions in which you plan to run the kit. If you are a beginner, I suggest you start with an electric powered RC car. The gas powered cars have lots of power and if you are a more experienced enthusiast, you would start with a popular ready to run kit.

Off-Road, On Road and Rock Climbing.
There are three basic types of R/C Cars to choose from: Off road, On road and Climbing. Some of these can jump and others are meant more for racing and drifting. Models suitable for first-time hobbyists are available in every one! Racers love speed and bashers love tricks and jumps, and seeing how much a machine will survive. Both types may need a constant supply of replacement parts, just different ones.

Choosing between Gas/Nitro and Electric Vehicles.
You can choose between an electric or a fuel type RC vehicle. The variety of other parts on an RC might also impress you, as many RC cars are now fully customizable, one can make a car or truck simple and have a smooth cruising machine, or you can make it real fast and with enhanced suspensions just like a real race car. Even the simple ones can come with adjustments for steering.

There's more to running an R/C car or truck than the vehicle itself. Both Gas/nitro and Electric vehicles require a 2-or 3-Channel radio, motor(s), speed control and battery. And if you decide to race with electric you will need chargers and batteries and tire glue and you should be just about set to run.

Nitro vehicles require a radio, engine, fuel and muffler. Some or all of these items may be included with the vehicle, so read the product description carefully for details. Your model may also require items such as pinion, tires, wheels and body. Again, find the details about a rc car before you buy it. If you order by phone, ask the sales reps what is included and they should be able to tell you exactly what you'll need for each specific car or truck. If you buy at a hobby shop, the owners or clerks should have advice about styles and prices and what comes with a purchase. If you are into jumping and climbing and running through the grass then you should look into remote control monster trucks. There are many out on the market and many more that you can make custom.

Some things to keep in mind are:
Price! I've seen vehicle that cost over $2000 dollars. But you can have fun with something under $50 if you just want to kick around.

You may want to be sure you can get parts before you buy. Down time waiting for parts is no fun. Check your local hobby shop for availability of parts either aftermarket or stock replacement, there is nothing worse than having a brand new truck that you can't run because no hobby shop around has the simple part you might need.

Different machines have different starting styles....These can range from easy starts to pull starts and everything in between. If you are brand new to the sport then you should think of getting something that is a simple start or is not too hard. Even the electric cars and truck may require you to turn on your controller before you start power to your receiver on the car. You don't want it to go crazy.

Batteries. The electric RC cars need extra batteries and they will also need a charger. Nitro or electric, they both have many pros and cons and this is really up to you and your needs because nitro will cost more to run. But electric isn't without its price. And it doesn't matter how tough your truck it is, parts are going to break when you have a big crash! Make sure you get it on video.

Whatever you decide to do, be sure to have fun, because that is the point, really. The best RC Car, RC Buggy or RC Monster truck is the one that makes you happy.

Rodg Larson

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