Saturday, 28 December 2013

Learn to Draw a Car and Impress Your Friends

Have you ever tried to draw a car and failed terribly? You should not let this discourage you from trying again. You can learn to draw a car if you have enough determination and will power to do it. When you learn to draw, you will realize that it is not so hard after all. You do not learn how to draw the perfect car in a day; you have to do a lot of practice.

What are you supposed to do in the learning process? Actually you will do nothing but a lot of drawing. Learning to draw a car is a step by step process. The first thing you have to know is how to draw the outline of the car. This means that you cannot rely on your memory at this point. You will need something such as a picture, another drawing or a car model to help you draw. After you are comfortably sure that you can draw the outline unassisted, you should start drawing other parts. Pick one part of the car at a time. Practice on it until you are sure that you can draw it well.

Once you have mastered how to draw the different parts of the car separately, the nest step is to draw a car with all the parts included. Always start by drawing a few rough sketches before you make your final drawing. As you draw the sketches, you can also practice shading and coloring different parts of the car. Within a few days, you should have polished your drawing skills and ready to draw your first real car.

When you draw a car following the steps and tips outlined above, you will surprised at how perfectly your car will come out, and even your friends will be impressed.

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