Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Eco Friendly & Green Driving - Endless Money & Fuel Saving Car Tips Part 1

Car fuel prices are on a constant hike for a good part of 2008H1. You are on a constant quest to enhance your fuel efficiency. Regardless of whether you are driving a hybrid, compact or cng driven car, you would be looking to more cost saving ways of managing your transport expenses.

Check out the following simple yet proven effective ways on achieving fuel efficiency, conserving gasoline and attaining cost savings the easy way:

  • Get a car with high MPG, which calculates miles per gallon. Even better, check out the low GPM cars, gallons per mile which is logically lower the better. This is the ultimate objective, and really what we are discussing here, ie. the lesser the gasoline usage, the more miles coverage and the more savings from your higher fuel consumption.
  • If you own a vehicle which heats up your car seats at the touch of a button, Do Not Touch that button. The energy consumption is exceptionally high. If your human counterparts have all survived the harsh winter without heated car seats, you could too.
  • Eco friendly car washing is another money saving idea. But, let me qualify that if you have to do it at home, you need to use biodegradable soap specifically formulated for automotive parts. Do it on your lawn instead of your driveway, so that the dirt and toxic waste water are absorbed and neutralized in soil. Otherwise, just patronize your local car wash. Their toxic waste water is drained into proper sewer systems and treated before being discharged.
  • In summer, run your air conditioner sparingly at a low setting. When the car is sufficiently cool, switch to fan mode instead. Ensure that windows are tightly shut and not rolled down when the air conditioning is running
  • Rotate your tires to ensure even tire threading. This causes less strain to the engine.
  • Avoid traffic congestion as travelling in jam condition could consume more fuel. Rise early and get to work early whenever possible.
  • In all weather all season, use windshield shades to cut down the summer heat and reduce frost in winter.
  • When travelling at high speed, for instance, along highways, keep windows tightly closed. Open windows cause additional drag, making your engine work harder, and consuming more fuel.
  • Plan trips well ahead before you set off to reduce unnecessary driving. Remember to check out the road conditions especially when driving in hash winter weather.
  • Over inflated tires can reduce your fuel efficiency. Remember to check your tire pressure and never overfill them. This is because you need to leave space air expansion when the tires get hot when driving.
  • Conversely, you should avoid driving with soft tires. When soft and not at the correct PSI pounds per square inch, your car requires more energy to move and maintain speed as well as increase fuel emissions. According to a Carnegie Mellon University informal study, majority of cars on the roads are only 80% inflated to capacity and inflating tires to the proper pressure improves mileage by about 3.3%. And the best part is that it is definitely safer too.

Stay tuned and check out even more Environmentally Friendly Green car driving tips at my site.

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