Thursday, 2 May 2013

Car Control Parts and the New Technology Used In Them

The unique invention of the car was not facing any problems at the time of its invention but today it is facing quite a few challenges. One problem it faces is the air pollution it causes. Rising oil prices is another concern for many users of automobiles. Car manufacturers are busy looking for solutions for these issues.

Automobile industry is using different strategies in the hope of solving these problems. Use of ethanol is a solution for both of them but it is not easy to produce ethanol to fulfill the demand. Use of electricity also is a good solution as electric cars make zero emissions and they never use up oil resources. But it has the limitation of long charging times of batteries and limited mileage per charge.

The only practical way left is the building of more fuel-efficient cars. When a car is more fuel-efficient, it will emit a minimum volume of pollutants in its exhaust. Therefore, engineers these days are concentrating on making more fuel-efficient cars. In this case, they are using the computer technology to a great extent. Unlike humans, computers are able to do things perfectly. Therefore, when you employ computers to look after the performance of cars, they do a better job.

Instead of the technology used in the early 90s which depended on electrical instruments to control cars, today's car manufacturers have changed over to electronics and computer technology. They use this technology to pump the right volume of fuel from the tank to the engine. They also prevent the wastage of fuel vapor. Once the fuel is pumped into the engine, a computer called the engine control module takes over. It will pump the correct volume of fuel to each cylinder and will provide the correct volume of air also. Finally, it will send the voltage necessary to create the ignition.

All these additions to engines help the production of more efficient engines. Therefore, these engines are able to save fuel. At the same time, they are able to reduce the impact on the environment with the use of catalytic converters attached to exhaust systems. These are instruments that are able to clean car emissions and release only the harmless gasses to the environment. One more advantage with the employment of computer technology is that a computer is able to detect any malfunctioning car control parts very quickly. It is a case of going to the internet and buying the part before repairing the car. Therefore, these computer controlled cars are also easy to repair.

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