Wednesday, 3 April 2013

3 Tips to Help You Enjoy Your Nitro Radio Cars and Toys

I have always been fascinated by radio controlled cars (rc cars), and as a child I would dream of eventually owning one. However in those days remote control toys were very much in their infancy. The earliest models were merely wind up toys which would scooter over the carpet leaving me in wonderment.

Petrol radio controlled cars (rc cars) and nitro trucks have come a long way since then. Now they are an established part of the game world, and boys and men alike share in the thrills that the high speed models can offer.

As you can see my passion for everything nitro powered is very real and I would like to share with you three tips which I believe will add to your enjoyment.

Firstly, although this may sound basic try and ensure that you only ever operate your nitro powered model in an area which can give you at least 50 yards of clear run space, as these models are mini hot rods which can easily reach speeds in excess of 50 mph.

Secondly, do not worry yourself too much about build quality as endless time can be taken just in deciding which manufacturer to go with. These days you will find that the build quality on all of these toys is superb, and they are very much built to last. My advice would be just to get out there and try it. Once you do I think you will never go back.

The last tip I would like to share with you comes from personal experience. A radio controlled nitro (also known as an rc nitro) is more than just a toy. Treat it as you would any valuable and make sure that you do not leave it unattended. Once upon a time we would guard our Chopper bike or our skateboard with our lives, and for good reason. However, good nitro radio cars can cost well in excess of £200 and you do not want to find yourself out of pocket purely down to turning your back on your speed machine.

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