Friday, 22 February 2013

Fictitious Electric Cars and Facts - Part 1

Fundamentally these automobiles are somewhat like the modern-day's famous and well-known gasoline automobiles as for the characteristics, reliability, extent, performance, usefulness and protection from harms are concerned. As the matter of fact, today's gasoline vehicles, e.g., the Chevy Volt and Nissan LEAF, are far better than any luxurious vehicle and there might not be any other brand or structure oppose their traits.

Electric Cars are equally responsible for Pollution

Few of the electric vehicles' producers claim loud of zero emissions. This is due to that electric cars are lesser responsible than those automobiles which run on gasoline or diesel. Why they are less polluting? It is due to the batteries throw the power directs electric motor and moves to the wheels. This is like burning of liquid fuel directing through internal combustion engine and transporting. The supply of electricity from the feeders through the wires to your home or power stations emit more pollution than reforming the usable oil through the ships and vehicles to a gas station.

Drivers of Electric Cars might get abandoned

Electrical cars might affect the drivers a great deal as these cars can only run 100 miles while charged once. It requires to be recharged and the approximate time for a single recharge is about 8 hours. The drivers have to keep an eye on the indicator on the dashboard where ' state-of-charge' would show the current situation of the battery. If you ignore this feature, the chances are that you would be abandoned in the middle of the road.. This is like a driver with gasoline car which can travel 200 miles with single fueling, tries to cross 300 miles distance and going to a stranded place where there is no gas station or any other kind of help which could take you out of this misery.

Electric Car Power Charging- Most Important Feature

This is one of the issues if solved, the electric car's future might be bright. People often point out that there should be sufficient public recharging stations where they can easily recharge the cars and it is mainly because they fear they might get abandoned or stranded before they reach their destination. Those who have driven Tesla Roadster and electric Mini E for few years, have better idea of how limited the range of those cars can be.

They know the best places to recharge your electric car is either home or office. As most of the people in America travel less mileage so it can easily handle the distance in one-go charge.

Only wealthy people can buy Electric Cars

It is a fact that as new technology is introduced, it is always expensive. For example if we think about the times when we were kids or in our teens and we heard about computers, laptops, mobile phones, etc. were expensive and we could only dream of buying them as they were the luxuries for the rich people. But the business does have a magic of its own which at last makes it within a range of the masses. Demand of a product increases the production so hopefully, it would be in range of middle-class.

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